Why I’m angry about the canon but you shouldn’t be

Now if your a nerd like me, you know ever in and out of the star wars cannon because you spent your life reading the comics, watching the movies and animated series, ect. Now to preface I do have a job and a life, I just really liked comic books at that time and this being the first major comic book I ever started reading I got very much into it. I have read all of the comics up to date until the newest trilogy came out and the comics after episode 6 became non-cannon. This infuriated me because I spent most of my life finding new characters and enjoying well written characters but, I was more mad that I wasted time rather than the fact that these characters didn’t exist. This was kinda proven to me in “The Force Awakens” when the main antagonist is named “Ben Solo”.  Ben Solo was also a character from the comics and a brother to Jacen solo who turns to the dark side. This although a little off was a nod to the characters that I respected and loved seeing on the big screen. So although the comics are no longer cannon doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy them and in the end, isn’t this all for enjoyment. Don’t take films or books too seriously or you might get stuck not wanting to open up to new ideas and move forward with the genre or your favorite series. Your strongest ability as a fan is to adapt so learn to adapt and you will be just fine.


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