Another Universe?

This is an image from another universe that was recovered during the time of the Old Republic. The ordinates 39.3549° N, 74.4384° W in a galaxy 2.5 million light years away according to our on board assassin droid HK-47. This image was stored in the Holocron for safe keeping. Maybe you can encryption it.

Like shooting womp rats eh kid?

Alright soldier, this is your training, weather you want to be a rebel or a empire grunt you have to know how to fly both so this’ll be your in flight tour. Watch this video and see how to navigate tight trenches and how to preform so nice dog fighting maneuvers. I wish you luck […]

The lightsaber

This quick one minute video will cover the lightsaber and how it is made and works. This will go over the Kyber Crystals as well as how it works, the coloration, and how they are made. This type of info is commonly learned through Holocrons so it only fitting you learn it the same way.

Why Episode 7 was the same yet amazing

“Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens” was pretty much an exact copy of “A New Hope” but this doesn’t mean it was a bad movie. Yes the story was similar in many regards yet they did it in a way in which it introduced a bunch of new characters and made you really like […]