Episode III was okay I guess?

Alright, so with Episodes I & II being pretty garbage, the studio had this one last effort to make “Episode III: Revenge Of the Sith” the best it could be and if they nailed Anakins turn to the dark side, I at least feel like it would have made up for all the past two films. But as you can probably guess by the title they didn’t. Hayden Christensen portrayal of Anakin was from this point quite whiny and annoying but here he was supposed to become the big bad Darth Vader and throughout the film I wasn’t really feeling that. I felt more of a teen angst vibe. Now to the part that gets good in the film, the darker twist. This movie leaves a bad ending but it’s supposed to in order to set up the next films and I like that, they did it well. The execution of Order 66 while not exactly super traumatic as we had no real connection to any of those Jedi, it was however a strong point in the film and drove it home that something serious was going on. The next major thing that the film did right was not shying away from it’s darker tones, like the sacking of the Jedi temple in which younglings are killed. This perfectly summed up Anakins turn to the dark side and set up a good end confrontation scene between Anakin and Obi-Wan.


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