A rant on the phantom menace

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is the first film chronologically in the star wars film series and the first in the prequel trilogy. This film is bad. Now before I continue this is an opinion piece that will be done on all the films but no really, the writing, the plot, the gungans, all of it is bad (expect the occasional wisdom from qui-gon-jinn) however it isn’t a bad thing. Yes while the movie was not great story or character wise however it was also the movie that introduced a new form of light saber combat. One that was more frantic, wild, and exciting to watch. The movie was wildly praised and loved for a long time by fans and movie goers alike until the end of the prequel trilogy when most fans started to turn on the films. It may have been a bad film but it did do a lot for the universe as a whole


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